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one year later.


australia_sunset_blue_mountains_boy_cameraThis time last year we had been in Australia for six days. Time has gone very fast. I still feel like the new girl. I still get surprised by the differences between here and home. I still don’t know where any of the buses go. I’m still scared to drive around this city. I still don’t drink coffee.

A year has never flashed past quite so quickly as this one. But it has been a seriously great year. I was worried that I would be infinitely homesick, find Sydney too small and not make any friends – turns out none of that was true and I love it here. PHEW. And David has settled right back in where he left off five years ago. I think we have been very lucky to make this big life change so smoothly and happily, and I am even applying for a permanent residency visa because I never want to leave!

Thought I’d share a few photos of my favourite things over the past year.

1. Wide open spaces, and lots of fresh air. For a city, Sydney smells pretty good. Weird thing to say, but it’s true! / 2. Catching ferries and being near the water, and gorgeous sunsets all the time. / 3. Beaches and sunshine. We’ve had a spectacular summer, feels like it has been going for months.  / 4. The bats. These guys fly past our flat every night in the hundreds. They are massive and I really love watching them. / 5. Escaping to the Blue Mountains.

Roll on year two.

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