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diy: twenty minute shoe fix

I can be pretty lazy at crafting and diy. If it takes more than a couple of hours or requires complex equipment then sometimes it’s just not happening. If you can feel like this too, then this super-easy diy is perfect for you! It took a grand total of twenty minutes to jazz up my battered old vans with these polka dots, and I was wearing them out an hour later.

posted by Claire.


The ingredients are simple:

– vans with the laces removed, old crusty ones will work perrrfectly
– pencil
– sheets of paper/newspaper
– fabric paint
– q-tip or pencil with a rubber on the end

Stuff your shoes with the newspaper (confession – I didn’t have any newspaper so I stuffed mine with undies) for a firmer canvas and mark out where you want the dots to go with your pencil, keeping them as even as possible. Then dip the q-tip or pencil rubber in your paint, and get stamping! It you are using q-tips, you will probably want to have a few on hand, as they get quite gooped up with paint and your dots won’t look so round after a while.

Leave them to dry.


diy polka dot pumps | south by north



Wear them to the beach! Also please note that I have not sealed mine at all as I’m not planning to get them wet. You should follow the sealing instructions on your paint to make sure your lovely pattern doesn’t wash off.


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