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review: origrami

A while ago I discovered a Sydney-based company called Origrami, who print instagram photos. There are quite a few companies around these days that will do this, and David had actually tried a different one a while ago but we weren’t too happy with the results.

Origrami on the other hand are fantastic. We both ordered a set – $19.95 for 36 prints, pretty good I reckon – and they arrived super quickly. They come in a very lovely box, and will even print a map on the back if you have geo-tagged your photo. None of mine are geo-tagged so I got colourful graphics on the back. The quality of the print is good, and overall it feels like a high quality and well-considered product.

I love the fact that these are created in Sydney, it’s great to support local business – although they do ship worldwide so everyone can get in on it!


They are too lovely to keep in the box, and I had bought a few rolls of washi tape when we were in Japan (hello, $2 per roll!!)  so thought they would brighten up the big blank wall behind the sofa. It’s like a real life instagram stream in our lounge.

If you like the look of our pictures then pop over to our instagram feeds, David is here, and I am here.

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  1. nice!

    I’ve been seeing this company around a bit, so I’m glad to see you’re happy with the results! I might just have to get some pronted myself!

  2. sosallydesign says

    dudes, i love these so much! they look so cool, and really good quality too. i might have to give them a whirl when we move 🙂 xx

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