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It is almost three months since we went to Japan (where is this year going?!) and I realised that I haven’t posted any photos yet. So, here we go.

We spent six incredible days in Tokyo, fossicking round different neighbourhoods and eating a thousand bowls of ramen. Shopping in Tokyo is truly great, I loved all the shops that were just filled with nick nacks you didn’t know you needed. Also, I think we visited Muji fifteen times. I had ordered the Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide before we left, and we used it everyday. I don’t think we would have discovered some of our favourite places like Shimokitazawa and the back streets of Omotesando without this guide. The restaurant recommendations were particularly great.
Then we headed out to the countryside on a bus to an amazing place called Shima Onsen. We stayed in a traditional Ryokan, and spent three days wearing ‘yakuta’ robes and dipping in and out of our private onsen. Bliss. We were served banquets in our room, there was some pretty crazy food involved!
Next we took the bullet train to Kyoto. In Kyoto we spent most of our time exploring temples and beautiful gardens. We saw a bit more cherry blossom in Kyoto, too. It is a magical place, the highlight was definitely climbing to the top of Fushimi Inari – although we didn’t quite realise that it was a trek up the side of a mountain til we got going…
To end we had a couple of days back in Tokyo and revisited some of our favourite places and ate more ramen.

To see a bit more of our trip, here is the whole thing in a very short video.

It feels like you could spend a year in Tokyo and still only scratch the surface – I can’t wait to go back one day.

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    • Hi Isabelle – yes, I agree – Tokyo is so inspiring, I could spend a year there! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, dosfamily is one of my all time favourite blogs 🙂

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