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strange winter.


The last few weeks have been quite strange. I spent ten days in hospital following a fairly major (but planned) operation, and I have spent the same amount of time since then recovering at home. I had planned to read tons of books, organise my photos into albums, skype all my friends back in the UK, catch up on blogs and maybe even make a few posts in this time. Truthfully I haven’t had the energy to do anything other than sleep and watch endless tv shows and films. The days go by pretty quickly when going for a ten minute walk is a big deal… I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again, and getting much better every day – hence I’m back on here posting!

Before I went into hospital I made a point of spending some time at the beach, knowing it would be a while before I could dip my toes in the ocean. Also, this is only my second year in Australia and I still can’t believe that in mid winter I can wear short sleeves, roll up my jeans and walk in the surf. A-mazing.

I can’t wait to be back to normal in the next couple of months, and walk barefoot on the beach. These photos were taken a few weeks ago at the northern beaches in Sydney, yes, in the middle of winter!

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  1. Surgery recovery is THE WORST. Hope you’re finally on the mend – so jealous of your warm weather up north! It’s far too cold for toes in the ocean here 🙂

    • Thanks so much Alli, I am definitely on the mend. Couldn’t even face turning my laptop on a week ago!! We have had some ridiculous weather, I’m sure that it’s not normal for it to be this warm… 🙂

    • Hi Em, thanks for your comment 🙂
      I export the photos full size from aperture, and then use photoshop elements to get them to the right width for this blog. There is probably a quicker way but this is the way that I know… Hope that helps!

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