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vsco grid.


Since it was updated, the VSCO Cam app has definitely been my one-stop-shop for all photo editing on my phone. The filters are varied and beautiful, and the other editing tools are super useful (especially the straighten tool – wonky photos over here!).

I have also been loving their new photo-sharing platform, VSCO Grid. This allows a user to upload photos directly from the app to their own page, into a slick-looking stream. I really like the versatility of uploading different sizes and also love the simple and clean interface. It will be interesting to see how Grid develops as there are more users. I can imagine it becoming a nice little community as more features are added – and there are so many great photos on the grids that I have seen.

The people at VSCO have been collecting their favourite photos and posting them here, one of David’s was actually added last weekend! Very nice to see it on there among all the other gorgeous shots.

You can see David’s grid here, and mine here.

Have you guys started using grid yet?

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  1. I bought the vsco LR presets which I like, they have a nice film quality though I usually tone mine down a bit 😛 I’m way behind the times though with no smartphone or instagram account 😦 I need to step into the future, he he he. Your photos are always super magical!

  2. It has been a love love relationship with everything that the guys at vsco have been doing from the initial vscocam to the LR presets to their amazing vscocam update (they had a freaking gift for all the old vscocam users!! Proves that good is still to be found in people) and lately the grid has made me not want to start my own website coz I just cant stop loving it!!

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