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ice cream | south by northOk so I have been meaning to add a blogroll foreverrrr, but just haven’t got round to it yet. Instead, I am going to tell you about a few of my favourite blogs. I follow loads of great blogs on bloglovin, so have tried to choose a varied selection – hopefully you’ll find something new and awesome to read. I might make this a regular feature, it’s always nice to share the love!

Dos Family is run by two Swedish ladies who paint their homes in awesome colours, like to dress up with animal heads and have the coolest kids in town. There is a lot of pink on their blog, which is definitely a good thing.

Hawaiian Coconut is a tumblr run by Emily Faulstich, a photographer living in Cape Town. Her photos are dreamy, and her beachy shots always give me wanderlust.

Design and Form is another Swedish blog that I really enjoy reading. Emma posts lots of design inspiration, but it is her minimal, simple but very clever DIYs that make it one of my favourite blogs.

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p.s. The ice-cream in the photo is one scoop of cherry sorbet and one scoop of caramel gelato mixed with banana bread and nutella whip. Yep.

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