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review: picpack instagram magnets

picpack magnets | south by north

A few weeks ago the guys from Picpack got in touch and offered to send me some of their Instagram magnets. Being a sucker for anything Instagram-based, I was like, hells yeah.

The ordering process was super easy, I just logged into my Instagram account on Picpack’s website, and selected twelve of my photos to be turned into magnets. That was it! They arrived a couple of weeks later in really nice simple packaging.

The magnets themselves are great – the quality of the print is really high. They look awesome on my fridge. I’d love to get a magnetic notice-board and put them on there. It is 18 Euros for 12 magnets, and that includes shipping – bargainous.

Thank-you Picpack!!

posted by Claire.

p.s. you can check out my instagram feed here.

pickpack magnets | south by north

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