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old things in new places.

at home | south by north

The best thing about moving house has got to be unpacking. Organising all of your furniture and bits and bobs into a different space makes everything feel new, and is a great chance to dust off the cobwebs and rediscover some old gems. I like to think we are pretty tidy and organised, but I still managed to find some truly random things at the back of the wardrobe while we were packing (foam finger anyone?).

Here are some snaps of our old things in our new home. The last place had light floors and white walls, so everything looks totally different here – it’s more cosy, which I love! The jury is still out on that beige wall, and the carpet is totally magic eye (the perils of renting…) but besides that we are loving this new spot. It totally feels like home already.

posted by Claire.

at home | south by northat home | south by northat home | south by northat home | south by northat home | south by north1. A few of my favourite things on the bookshelf  2. Pretty items from Japan 3. All time favourite bird pillow has found a new home on the old orange chair 4.  Dave’s bedside table 5. Everything is so high up in this apartment I need that step ladder constantly, and I am actually quite tall! We only had to buy a couple of new things when we moved, this amazing mirror is one of them 6. My precious cat calendar that Dave bought for me from Fieldguided.


  1. I hate unpacking from travel, but I would almost move house JUST so I could unpack. It’s like a whole week of deluding yourself about how tidy and organised the new place will be. Bliss!

    And I am totally coveting the toucan pillow (and everything else!) x

  2. You have a lot of great stuff! I have a thing for ceramics,I love the gray cups!
    I moved around a lot and the best part of moving for me has always been unpacking. Even though I know what’s in the boxes, it’s still a surprise.

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