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warm nights on the beach.

night beach | south by north

Incase you hadn’t heard, sometimes it gets really flipping hot in Australia. Last year they even had to create a new colour on the weather map because parts of central Australia got so extra hot. That is some crazy weather shiz (and definitely some global warming) right there.

Mega hot days here are like nothing else I have ever experienced. Even the wind is hot, like walking towards a giant hair dryer. The temperature seems to go up all day so it feels even hotter when you go to bed. It’s bizarre, not to mention very sweaty.

Anyway, what I really want to tell you about is the best thing about these crazy hot days. The beach, you guys. When it is still 37 degrees at 9pm where else is there to go? People swim all evening and the beach stays crowded well into the night. The water is always fresh and you can feel a light breeze coming off the waves.

Yesterday was one of these crazy days, so after work we drove to Coogee beach in an attempt to cool off. It didn’t really work, but it was fun, the water was cold and we ate fish and chips.

posted by Claire.

night beach | south by northnight beach | south by northnight beach | south by northnight beach | south by north


  1. wow, I’d never imagine beaches to be crowded at dust like that, well with people swimming anyway. It was 33 here today at the Sunshine Coast but 37 degrees at 9pm, woozers, that’s extreme!

  2. I would really want to live in Australia. Beach at night? No problemo. Creepy ass spiders? Got you covered. Great weather year round? We have it. Sounds perfect!

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