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post a parcel: first edition

post a parcel | south by north

The lovely Nia from Life and Co set up a parcel exchange a little while back. She asked for participants to tell her their interests, and she paired us up based on that. We were all asked to send one parcel to our partner, containing five things – it could be anything we liked.

I was paired with Jessica from The Storytellers Photography. Go check out her website – she runs a gorgeous photography company with her dad.

Jessica told me that she loves stationery, so I decided to go with this. I also gave my parcel a polka dot theme.

Here is what I sent to Jessica…

A watercolour notebook / a sweet little wooden ruler that I decorated with pom poms / a polka dot book plate / a purple pen (it took all my willpower not to buy this in every colour for myself) / some homemade confetti as Jessica is a wedding photographer

I decorated the box with polka dot stickers, washi, tissue paper and paints.
I hope Jessica enjoyed opening it, it was really fun to put together.

My parcel from Jessica is currently being held hostage at the post office, I am meant to be receiving it today, yay!

posted by Claire.

post a parcel | south by north


  1. you’ve made the box so cute with the spots! and the way you wrapped all the pretty things in the polka dot tissue paper just tops it off!

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