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diy: paper votives

paper votives | south by north

This may be one of the quickest and easiest diy projects that you do this holiday season. It’s a great one for using up paper scraps and stickers that you have lying around. All up this took me about 15 minutes, with an extra few minutes to gather supplies.

You will need:
– tracing paper
– craft scraps in matching colours, eg paper, washi, stickers, pens and stamps
– glue
– LED tealights DO NOT USE REAL FLAMES! These are made of paper, yo.

Use tracing paper as the base for each votive, as the light will glow through this. Cut five different heights and lengths, making sure the smallest is big enough to wrap around your LED tealight. All you have to do is decorate each piece with your craft scraps, and then glue the ends together. Pop each one over a tealight – done!

posted by Claire.

paper votives | south by north

paper votives | south by north

From left to right – gold pen + triangle stencil / brown paper cut into a zig zag / tissue paper + black washi + twine / brown paper + snowflake stamp / gold dot stickers

paper votives | south by north

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  2. So pretty I really need to make my own little Christmas display at home. Our house usually doesn’t get very festive and I really want to change that this year!

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