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ice cream series: chocolate

chocolate ice cream | south by north

You can’t really go wrong with a classic chocolate ice cream. This one is creamy, rich and the whole tub only lasted two days. When researching recipes I came across a few mentions of Dutch process cocoa powder. I was slightly skeptical at how much difference using a special cocoa powder would actually make, but decided to add it to this recipe and it was totally worth it! This ice cream has a true chocolate taste instead of just being sickly sweet. It is almost truffle-like.

I based it on this Jamie Oliver recipe, with a few tweaks and changes.


100g dark chocolate
300ml half fat milk
4 tablespoons of Dutch process cocoa powder
50g sugar
3 egg yolks
300ml whipped cream
1 teaspoon vanilla essence/extract

Over a medium heat, melt the chocolate into the milk, don’t let it boil. Once the chocolate has fully melted, remove from the heat, then add the cocoa powder and whisk until thoroughly mixed.

Beat the sugar and eggs together in a bowl, then add the chocolate milk. Use a strainer to transfer the mixture to a saucepan, and keep stirring over a low heat. Don’t let it boil. It is done when the mixture has thickened to the consistency of custard, mine took about five minutes. Add the vanilla essence, then transfer to a bowl in the fridge until cool. Stir in the whipped cream, cover and chill in the fridge. Try not to drink the whole mixture. This requires major will power.

Once it is nice and cold, churn in your ice cream maker. Then EAT. No accompaniments necessary with this one, but if you wanted to add something, fresh strawberries would be scrummy.

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  1. I’ve made a few recipes in the past that have called for top quality chocolate the cheap skate in me struggles with this but the results are always a hundred times more amazing if you invest in top quality! By the way, I can’t even look at that photo it makes me want icecream way too badly šŸ˜›

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