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diy: paper wreath

diy paper wreath | south by north

We have gone pretty minimal on the Christmas decorations this year, just a small-ish tree with the usual baubles and trinkets, and some diy paper votives. I feel like less is more, especially in a fairly small apartment. Having said that, I thought I’d make one more little thing, a paper wreath. Instructions below!

You will need:

– wire
– white tissue paper
– thread or string

Bend your wire into a circle of any size you like. Mine is actually two smaller pieces of wire twisted together because that’s what I had on hand. To make a wreath the same size as mine, your circle should be around 15cm across. Next, cut your tissue paper into small strips. Mine were roughly 1.5cm x 10cm. Stack your strips into piles, and cut the ends so that they are curved (they should look like sausages). I used one whole sheet of tissue for this small wreath.

diy paper wreath | south by north

One by one, take each strip of paper and twist it around the wire. Twist tightly in the middle but leave the ends smooth so that the fluff out nicely. As you start to fill the circle the papers will hold themselves in place. Once you have filled the circle, tie some thread around the wire, and hang wherever you fancy.

diy paper wreath | south by north

Merry Christmas!


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