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diy: marble jewellery dish

diy marble jewellery dish | south by north

The first thing I do when I get home from work is take off all my jewellery, which usually means a little pile of gold and silver trinkets on the dining table, or the kitchen bench, or my chest of drawers, etc etc. After seeing so many cute ring bowls all over pinterest I decided to make my own and finally have a place to keep my bits and bobs. Inspired by these nail polish dipped lovelies over on Paper and Stitch, I’ve gone for marbled fimo with a gold trim.

Lets just take a moment and appreciate fimo. It was probably my all time favourite thing from the ages of seven to ten, tiny fimo roses were my speciality. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get back on board! The colours are amazing and it is sooooo easy to work with. It’s not exactly the cheapest clay but a little goes a long way on small projects. I also have a small confession, the first version of this project resulted in fire alarms going off, a very smoky apartment and a big lump of brown fimo. It’s definitely worth paying attention when setting the temperature on your oven!!

You will need:
– one whole block of white fimo (number 0)
– half a block of grey fimo (number 80)
– half a block of peach fimo (number 43)
– rolling pin
– gold paint
– paintbrush

diy marble jewellery bowl | south by northdiy marble jewellery bowl | south by northdiy marble jewellery bowl | south by northdiy marble jewellery bowl | south by northdiy marble jewellery bowl | south by north

Divide each fimo colour into four roughly equal chunks, no need to be too precise. Roll each chunk into a long thin sausage, and lay them out in four sets.
A quick word on colours. I have given you the numbers of the exact colours that I used, however there are so many options if these muted tones aren’t your cup of tea. I think that it would work best with colours that are quite close in shade, for example black, grey and navy could look amazing.

Take each set of three colours and twist them together tightly like a liquorice stick. Knead and roll each stick into a ball. To get a fine marble effect you will need to roll this ball back into a sausage, twist and then knead into a ball again. Repeat this until you have a marble effect that you like, I re-rolled and twisted mine two or three times.

Combine the four balls into one ball, kneading lightly until they are well combined – be careful not to over-mix the colours. Fimo works best when it is well warmed in your hands, so be prepared to spend some time on these first steps as it can be quite hard to shape at first.

Use a rolling pin to evenly roll the fimo ball into a rough circle about one centimetre thick. Carefully turn up the edges of the circle, try not to make fingerprints in the clay. The back of a spoon is a good tool for smoothing and shaping. Once you are happy with the shape bake the dish according to the instructions.

When the dish is baked and cooled, use a fine brush to paint the edge gold. Leave to dry and then it is ready to use.

posted by Claire.

diy marble jewellery dish | south by north


  1. Love it Claire, I just started finally experimenting with fimo a few weeks ago. This looks like a great idea!

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