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guest series: blackpool with love bex

love bex | south by north

Everyone says it, but one of the best bits about blogging and instagramming truly is coming across like-minded people and seeing some of the amazing things people create. I have decided to start a guest post series to share some of this amazingness, and I am excited to show you the first one today. Welcome to the blog Rebecca!

I came across Rebecca’s gorgeous instagram feed when someone tagged me in her picture, thinking that we would like each other’s feeds – they were spot on! It didn’t take me long to find her blog, Love Bex, and I ended up reading it pretty much the whole way through. Rebecca’s photos are wonderfully minimal, she has a great eye for framing and colour. Here she is sharing some shots of a weekend in Blackpool, and telling us what the place means to her.

Be sure to check out Rebecca’s blog and instagram feed, they are pretty fricking awesome.


Now – when many people in the UK think about Blackpool I can bet you a good few negative words might come back in discussion. But – this is so far away about how I feel about it. Blackpool for me is where my heart will always be because it’s where my true creative pathway started.

SO how did I end up in Blackpool? I’m a country girl from a little village outside of the beautiful English Lake District, not that far away from Blackpool. I was always very determined to move away after school, so as soon as my exams were over I moved to the smog of London where I attended fashion college, with a naive view that I was going to be a fashion designer. Despite loving my time in London and making some incredibly talented friends, after trying out all the fashion related pathways, I ended up loathing anything to do with fashion. Fashion photography was definitely not where I saw my future heading, but photography was definitely something that I wanted to pursue – so I decided to transfer. After researching the best Photographic degree courses in the country, Blackpool came out top. So off I went again – A true country girl, back to the shire.

For three fantastic years – having my tutors, classmates and Blackpool as inspiration my eyes became open to the world for the first time. Blackpool made me see beauty in the everyday and in the most mundane of things. Although looking back I cringe at most of my work, I learnt an awful lot. I cherish what I took away with me even now and absolutely believe this made me who I am today. This is why my heart belongs to Blackpool.

Blackpool comes with a definite stigma attached to it – that it’s seedy and tacky, and yes in some ways it is, but looking beyond this and turning the more ‘colourful’ things into positive visions, you open your eyes to things that you would have otherwise been blind to notice and you will see nothing but colour, fun and nostalgia. Although many would disagree, Blackpool still remains the most popular seaside resort in the UK, it oozes history everywhere you go and has a real wistful longing of wanting to be there in its heyday – before it lost its battle to the cheap foreign package holiday.

Last week I decided that I wanted to explore Blackpool properly for the first time since being there as a student. I asked my old friend from Uni, Linzi, if she didn’t mind giving me a tour around all the new attractions as well as revisiting the old tourist landmarks. Linzi is a well known creative in the area, and does many community art projects within the Fylde coast.

With the Fish and chip soaked air and the added smell of candy floss and Blackpool rock in our noses we quite happily walked most of the Promenade and around the town. We walked all three piers that still stand exploring the many rides and amusement arcades within them. We purposely avoided the fortune-tellers and laughing clowns as best we could and dodged the trams on more than one occasion. We watched in complete awe at the dancers waltzing elegantly around the ballroom of the Tower and we were lucky enough to witness the beautiful sandy beaches before the tide came in. Sadly we didn’t manage to catch a donkey ride or nip into the theatre but we got to explore a few more of the well known attractions such as the Pleasure Beach, Winter Gardens and the Comedy Carpet. We left the Zoo, Waterpark, Wax Works, Sea Life Centre and Dungeons to the proper tourists.

Blackpool is definitely one town that I love to talk about, It holds so many fond memories and is the key to my creative heart.

Words and pictures by Rebecca Iris Slack.

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  1. Yeay! A guest post series!
    These photos are so lovely, such beautiful compositions… have followed Bex on instagram.

  2. Such a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for allowing us to follow along as well, she has impeccable style (much like you!)

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