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diy: lavender and eucalyptus diffuser

eucalyptus and lavender diffuser diy | south by north

Now I’m sure you have seen tutorials for these online before, but I just wanted to tell you how easy they are to make. I have been meaning to put one together for ages but was just being a bit lazy about it to be honest. Now I know how easy it is, I should have done it much sooner!

You will need:
glass bottle with a narrow neck
diffuser reeds
a light carrier oil (I used grape seed as it is cheap and can be bought from the supermarket)
eucalyptus and lavender essential oils (or whichever scent you prefer)

A quick word about the diffuser reeds. These were the main source of my laziness as I couldn’t find them anywhere. I think some people swap these out for bamboo but I had read that this wouldn’t work as well – the reeds have channels that run through them to carry the scent. In the end I turned to glorious ebay and managed to pick up a huge bunch for $8.

The bottle is an old whiskey bottle I already had, and the essential oils were less than $10 each. The grapeseed oil was about $6 for a litre, and I used a small portion of this. Overall this came to be much cheaper than a store bought diffuser, as they are usually $50 or more, plus this way I have enough supplies to top up or make another. I can also mix the scent exactly as I like.

Make sure your bottle is clean, and add 50% essential oil to 50% carrier oil using the funnel. I am actually topping up my essential oils a bit, as mine is in the open plan hallway/kitchen/living room which is a large space, so it needs a slightly stronger smell. But these proportions should be enough for a bedroom or smaller room. I have also heard that adding a little vodka can help the scent spread. Pop a handful of reeds into the bottle, and flip them over once a week until the scent diminishes. Then you just need to top up the oils and replace with new reeds.

posted by Claire.

eucalyptus and lavender diffuser diy | south by north




  1. I’m bookmarking this post – I’ve been thinking it must not be too hard to make your own and now I have the proof. I also love that you can customise your own scent 🙂

  2. Such a wonderful idea! I might end up going a little crazy with this and having one in every room of the house 🙂

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