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guest series: floral study with tana gandhi

tana gandhi | south by northLike many of my favourite internet people, I first came across Tana’s wonderful talent via her instagram feed. Her photos are light, fresh and she has one of the most beautifully consistent and imaginative styles I’ve seen. She has recently quit her day job and taken the plunge into full-time photography – I’m positive she will go far! I’m extremely honoured that Tana has put together this guest post for South by North, here she is sharing some gorgeous florals. Be sure to check out her fantastic photography on her blog and instagram.


Hello there! This is Tana and I’m so thrilled to guest post for Claire. Today I wanted to talk about florals. It’s no secret that I definitely have a thing for flowers. Whether it’s one single stem or a mixed arrangement, they brighten my space and provide a whole lot of cheer.

This you see here is a white dahlia paired with dainty phloxes. I had no idea what phloxes were before I picked these lovelies up. They were delicate little blooms that, when they gave out, they would fall down ever so gracefully.

I enjoyed this arrangement the most because, unlike peonies, they took their time to bloom and gave me plenty of days to enjoy them! This session took place right before the light disappeared. It’s that quiet time of the evening where everything stands still for just a moment and then the light is gone. It seemed like the perfect time to document this arrangement.

What about you? Do you enjoy larger arrangements over smaller arrangements? Single stems? Let’s spread the flora cheer!

Photos and words by Tana Gandhi. Tana Gandhi is a lifestyle photographer based in Southern California. She enjoys design, blogging, yoga, and experimenting with various creative mediums. Follow her on instagram.

tana gandhi | south by northTanaGandhi-FloraStudy-3 (2)tana gandhi | south by north



  1. Just gorgeous! I’m really enjoying the guest series you’ve created! So nice to share your delightful find with everyone 🙂

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