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look! it’s all different!

south by north blog

Things have been given a bit of razzle dazzle around here, and the blog has a brand new look. It hadn’t been updated for two years, so it seemed about time.

A few things have changed:

– Firstly, it will just be me, Claire, posting on on here from now on. Don’t worry – there are no dramas, David has his own design blog that he posts on more regularly and this space had just evolved to be more my thing. Unless I grow a third arm any time soon he’ll still be here in spirit, helping me to photograph some of the tutorials.

– Secondly, there are re-jazzed category pages for easy browsing of my photography, diy, travel and food posts. Fancy.

– Thirdly, I wrote ‘South by North’ in nice ink and David kindly made it into a logo of sorts (see, I told you he wasn’t going far). So booya, I have a logo-type-thing.

Hope you like the new look, any feedback will be received with open ears.

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