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diy: festive hanging paper votives

paper votive decorations | south by north

It’s Chriiiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaaaas! Ok, well it’s not really (but it almost is). And that means it’s time to get the decorations out. My Scroogey rule is ‘no decorations/Mariah Carey before 1st December’, but I’ve made a little exception for these.

We already have a load of tree decorations inherited from family, but it’s always nice to make a couple of extra bits to go around the house. Last year I made these paper votives, so I decided to reuse the LED tealights and make a new, hanging version this year.

Instructions are below.

paper votive decorations | south by north

You will need:

– a few sheets of paper
– clear sticky tape
– ink and a stamp
– copper wire
– scissors

Cut a piece of plain paper to roughly 20cm by 10cm. You can tear one of the long edges for a less precise finish. Fold the two sides inwards so they overlap by a centimetre or so, and tape in place. Fold the top layer (taped side) upwards, creating a triangle on either side (see pic for clarity). Fold the top and bottom edges inwards to create the base of the bag, and tape in place.

paper votives | south by north

Flip the bag over, and stamp a design on the front. When the ink is dry, puff the bag out so that it stands up. Make a hole in each side on the creases, insert the wire and twist to seal in place. If you are worried about the paper tearing, put a small piece of tape on the inside to reinforce it before you make the hole. You can give the bag a little scrunch to get it in the exact shape you want.

Pop an LED tealight in the bag, and hang it somewhere festive.

I’m sure I don’t need to say this, but obviously real flame candles should not be used with these as they are made of paper.

Merry almost Christmas!

paper votive decorations | south by north


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