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diy: flower crowns

flower crowns | south by north

Before the holidays I shared this post about wreath-making, and on that day we also made flower crowns. Now I know that everyone has been making these for ages, so I thought I would share a few tips and tricks that we learnt rather than give you a full-on tutorial.

(Firstly, a tip on why you should even make one in the first place… If you want to be put into the best mood ever, just go and make a flower crown right now. We wore ours out that afternoon and a taxi driver said we looked like princesses and a random lady on the street called us maidens. As a bonus, flower crowns must dilute bitchy resting face, because random strangers on the street usually just tell me to ‘cheer up love’. So there you go.)

Scroll down for actual flower crown-making tips.

flower crowns | south by north

flower crowns | south by north

– If you are making lots of crowns, try to get to a flower market if you can. This will keep the cost down considerably and give you more choice. If you are just making one crown it would probably be more time efficient to pick up some blooms from your local florist, as you don’t need many.

– Give your flowers the shake test! We learnt this the hard way, delicate little flowers can sometimes drop everywhere whenever they are nudged or moved, not what you want for your crown. make sure you choose sturdy flowers that will hold their form.

– Floral wire is not necessary, but floral tape most definitely is. For the neatest crowns form your wire into a circle to fit your head, and then wrap the entire circle of wire with tape. This gives you a better base to work from and looks more polished. Use the tape to fix the flower stems to the crown.

– When you are shaping the wire to fit your head, don’t forget to a leave a little bit of room for all of the lovely blooms that you will be adding! You want the crown to still fit once it is finished.

– Large, heavy flowers (like roses) will need a sturdier base, so double or triple wrap your wire before covering in floral tape.

{Thanks to Olivia, Jo and Gina for their excellent flower crown skills, having especially excellent hair and looking like babes in my photos.}

flower crowns | south by north




  1. The pink one is my absolute fav and I like the tip about shaking the stems, I never would of thought to do that but it makes a lot of sense especially if you want to rock it all day 🙂

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