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happy monday links | five

ice cream | south by north

Before we get into the links, let me start by making a confession. Back in November I boldly stated that the ice cream series was back for summer, and exactly how many ice cream recipes have I posted? That would be ONE. I can’t believe I’ve let this slide, you guys. This is bad news for the blog and my stomach. I have all kinds of excellent excuses; I’ve been away a lot, I’ve been focussing on other aspects of the blog, the dog ate my ice cream maker etc etc. None of this is going to fly, I just need to get in the kitchen and make some ice cream immediately. Nothing should get between me and my ice cream. This will most definitely be rectified in the coming weeks!

Ok, onto the links. Here are some things I have been enjoying around the interwebs of late:

– A genius way to use up shredded paper.
This dress. Gimme.
– Tiny horses and lots of snow.
– Straight up stunning photography.
Hippo soup?! Yes please.
– Can’t wait for this book to come out.
This instagram.

Ice cream image is from my instagram. See more things that I like over on pinterest.



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