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california: yucca valley

yucca valley | south by north

Yucca Valley was one of the most awesome places I have ever been. We only spent one night there after a few nights in LA and it felt like being on another planet.

After driving inland for a couple of hours we hit the town of Yucca Valley just before sunset. We had directions to our accommodation but no actual address, as the owners like to keep it a secret to avoid visitors who are not actually staying the night. As soon as we pulled off the main road we were pretty surprised to find ourselves on sand roads. They were all sign posted and marked on the map as normal roads but it was sand as far as the eye could see – besides a few houses dotted around. The rental car may have almost got stuck in the sand and there may have been some mild panic at this point…

yucca valley | south by north

As soon as we arrived at the trailer park we knew it was a special place. There were airstreamer caravans, tipis, archery, mini golf, vending machines, bb guns and all kinds of kitschy goodness. The trailer we had booked was vintage circus/sideshow themed and every detail was covered – the tiny toilet was designed like a cage and there was even a working Zoltar machine inside (no Tom Hanks though). All the trailers are themed and I wished I could have poked around some of the others.

The cameras came out as soon as we arrived to catch the ridiculous sunset. The rest of the evening was spent round the bbq and the fire pit (as soon as the sun went down it dropped about 20 degrees and was totally freezing) – steak was eaten and red wine was most certainly drunk, mostly to keep warm! Dave was pretty happy with the beer vending machine that turned out to be about $1.50 for a beer… The next morning we woke up super early to catch the sunrise, it was still freezing until the sun came up.

If you are ever in the area, make sure you stay at this amazing, imaginative trailer park. The owners, who were completely lovely, seem to be a bit sketchy about too much info being posted about it online (I guess thats partly what makes it so special) so I am not going to link to it here just incase it violates their preferences, but if you want the details just shoot me an email.

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