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happy monday links | six

south by north blog

Just stopping by to share a few favourite links from the past few weeks – enjoy and happy Monday!

– I will be making some of this in the next couple of months.
– Grow your own pineapple?!
– We don’t need to do all the things.
– Such a sweet surprise.
– Snowy bliss.

Photo by me, see more iphone snaps on my instagram.


  1. I got onto the pasta train not so long ago, fresh pasta taste sooo good! I kind of wish packet pasta was a lot more expensive to give me more incentive to make it every time 😛

  2. Hey there! I just found your blog on bloglovin’ and I just had to say that I love it! I love everything about it!! Your photos are definitely something! I’m an amateur writer and photographer who just started out blogging again!
    If you wanna check out my blog here’s the link to it: !!
    I’m really looking forward to your feedback too!

    Celina Xx

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