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diy: how to weave a basket from paper

diy baskets | south by north

I’m going to put it out there, this is one of my favourite ever diy projects. I know I know, that’s a big call but I’m going with it. Why do I love this project so much? Because those baskets are just made from paper, plain, regular paper — how awesome is that?! There is something so satisfying about taking a simple material and turning it into a functional item using just your hands (and a wee bit of glue).
So, if you need a quick and easy easter display or just somewhere to store your bits and bobs, whip out a pad of paper and get weaving! Scroll down for the how to.

diy baskets | south by north

You will need:
– thin sheets of A3 paper cut in half long ways
– a vessel with straight sides such as a jam jar
– a stick of paper glue
– a kebab skewer
– spray paint (optional)

Starting in one corner, roll a piece of paper around the kebab skewer all the way to the diagonally opposite corner. Add a few dabs of glue to fix the corner in place and pull the kebab skewer out. You should have a long thin tube of paper. Do the same with all of your pieces, you will need around 30 tubes to make both baskets.

diy baskets | south by north

Take an even number of paper tubes and lattice them together. For the jar sized basket I started with six paper tubes, for the larger one I used eight. Take one of the outer tubes that is sitting under the lattice, and weave it over the tube next to it. Continue to weave over and under, splaying the tubes out as you go. When you are an inch or so from the end, dab some glue on the woven tube and slide a new paper tube on top. Continue to weave under and over, adding paper tubes as you go.
Once you have made a base the same size as your vessel, place the vessel on top and start to weave around it, pulling the paper tubes upwards tightly around the jar. At the top, take out the jar and weave the lose end into the basket discreetly. Tuck the ends that are sticking up either down the outside or inside, and trim if needed. Use spray paint to decorate as desired!

diy baskets | south by north

diy baskets | south by north


  1. I’m always so impressed at people who are able to re-purpose everyday items into such beautiful things!

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